We Pay You To Grow Seaweed
for Carbon Removal.

Feed Your Family. 

Grow Your Business.

Save the Planet.

First Gigaton Seaweed Farmers Carbon Collective is a growing network of
Philippine Seaweed Growers.
We pay you in advance to add a carbon-only crop to your existing operations.   

 Join Today to Add Your Profitable Carbon Crop! 

Profit & Grow By Helping Stop Climate Change

The Philippines and their hardworking Seaweed Farmers have a historic, world-saving opportunity to fight climate change.  The country is uniquely positioned to spearhead the global Seaweed-powered Carbon Dioxide Removal (CDR) Market.  By 2040, global demand for Seaweed-CDR will be more than 5 billion tonnes of seaweed each year. 

 The Philippines can lead the way.  

First Gigaton and the Seacat Seaweed Farmers Carbon Collective will help make it happen.  Join us!

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First Gigaton is officially registered for the $100M XPRIZE Carbon Removal funded by Elon Musk.  The First Gigaton Team includes our Seacat Farming Partners ~ the Seaweed Farmers doing the hard work removing carbon and fighting climate change.  A condition of the competition is that prize money must go to continuing the development of the team's project ~ growing the Seaweed-CDR industry with our Seacat Farming Partners in the Philippines. 

Phases 1 and 2 of our plan below are part of the competition.  Join us on this exciting adventure :).  

Phase 1: World's First Seaweed-CDR Farm

Phase 1: World's First Seaweed-CDR Farm

First Gigaton is proud to partner with Seacat's first member, NAMALASA (Nagkahiusang Mananagat Ladol Seaweeds Association ~ United Fishermen Ladol Seaweeds Association) to launch the world's first dedicated Seaweed-CDR (Carbon Dioxide Removal) Farm.

Phase 2: XPRIZE ~ 250 x 1 ha Farms

Phase 2: XPRIZE ~ 250 x 1 ha Farms

Seacat will expand rapidly through 2022 and 2023.  By January 2024, we'll partner with up to 250 Philippine Seaweed Coops to establish 250 hectares of Seaweed-CDR capacity.  These Farms are the backbone of our XPRIZE demonstration to remove more than 5000 tonnes of carbon each year.  Join Seacat NOW for the 2023 planting cycle.

Phase 3: Scaling Nationwide

Phase 3: Scaling Nationwide

The Philippines' seaweed production is currently 1.6 million tonnes per year.  By 2030, Seacat's Philippine Sea Farmers will scale the country's Seaweed-CDR market to produce more than 6 million tonnes of seaweed and remove 1.2 million tonnes of carbon each year.  Join Us Now to secure your share of the Seaweed-CDR market.

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Future Generations

Your Seaweed Farm is a Powerful Climate Solution

Seaweed Farms ~ like yours ~ are the world's best chance for preventing catastrophic climate change. 

Most people think planting trees are the solution.  While reforestation and conservation are absolutely critical to the climate fight, trees take decades to grow and sequester carbon for less than 100 years. 

In comparison, seaweed is harvested in only six to eight weeks ~ and with the Seacat Protocol, ~ can sequester carbon for thousands of years.  Only seaweed and kelp grow fast enough to remove the hundreds of gigatons of atmospheric carbon dioxide needed to restore a stable climate. 

Human-made carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gas emissions cause climate change.  The oceans absorb most of the world's atmospheric carbon dioxide emissions.  Sadly, the excessive global emissions that cause climate change also cause seawater acidification when absorbed by the oceans. 

Through photosynthesis, macroalgae (i.e. seaweed and kelp) absorb the carbon dioxide in seawater and convert it into the algae's biomass.  Growing seaweed is thus both a remedy for atmospheric carbon and ocean acidification. 

In the wild, most of the carbon captured by seaweed is released back into the atmosphere as the seaweed dies and decomposes on shorelines.  In the case of your farm's harvested seaweed, the captured carbon is eventually released into the atmosphere as the seaweed is processed and consumed in product form. 

To fight climate change: 1. We need to grow more seaweed!  And 2. We need the seaweed to sequester the carbon it captures in its biomass permanently.

The Seacat Protocol transforms the crops you plant for CDR into a powerful climate solution.  At each Seaweed-CDR harvest, Seacat sends a sample of the crop to a laboratory (e.g. a Philippines Department of Science and Technology Lab) to accurately determine each crop's carbon content. 

Seacat then transports the harvested seaweed to a deep-sea location designated by the Philippine Coast Guard, where the ocean depth exceeds 1000 meters.  There, Seacat sinks the entire crop to the ocean floor.   

At depths greater than 1000 meters, the deep-ocean pressure mineralizes the seaweed's biomass, including the captured carbon.  This mineral state sequesters the carbon for thousands of years.

Seaweed-CDR is Smart Carbon Removal.  As a result, global demand for Seaweed-CDR will soon dwarf the global market for all other seaweed products such as agar, carrageenan, food, feed, and fertilizer. 

The Philippines' proximity to ocean depths greater than 1000 meters gives the country's seaweed farms a distinct competitive advantage ~ and the opportunity to lead this new industry.

The world needs your expertise and skills.  Seacat connects you with global corporations and citizens who will pay Philippine Seaweed Farms good money to grow more and more crops for carbon removal. 

Future generations worldwide will know and thank you for your role in stopping (and reversing) climate change.

Feed your Family.

Grow your Business.

Save the Planet.

How Seacat Works

First Gigaton is the parent company of the Seacat Sea Farmers Carbon Collective.  Seacat's role is to create a community for Philippine Seaweed Farmers who want to grow CDR Crops.  As a community, Seacat shares information, resources, best practices, and collective buying power to ensure the success of our members.  First Gigaton's role is to provide financing and support to Seacat members and find buyers for the Carbon Credits created by the Farmers' CDR Crops. 


Join the Collective.

Membership is Free Forever. We just need to start with your email address. No Cost. No Risk. No Obligation.

How Fast Do You Want To Grow?

From just one half-hectare to many hectares per year, you tell us how fast you want to grow your share of the carbon market. Each year you'll have the opportunity to expand your farm's production ~ and we pay the expansion costs.

We Grow Together.

We pay the start-up costs for your first Seacat CDR plot and every time you expand your Seacat CDR production. Our Business Model ensures you'll be happy feeding your family, growing your business, and helping save the planet with us for generations!

Your Seacat CDR Harvest.

Two things will be different when harvesting your Seacat CDR Crop. 1. You do not have to dry your crop. 2. Seacat takes a seaweed sample (e.g. 1kg) to a local lab (e.g. DOST Lab) to determine your crop's carbon content. At that point, your seaweed is ready for delivery . . . at sea?

Delivery At Sea.

Seacat does not export your seaweed crop. Instead, we work with the Philippine Coast Guard to determine the best "Sequestration Point" ~ a nearby location at sea with depths greater than 1000 meters. We collect your crop at your location and deliver (i.e. sink) the seaweed at the Sequestration Point. On the ocean floor, your seaweed becomes mineralized, trapping the carbon inside for thousands of years.

You Keep Growing!

The very next planting season, we repeat the whole process. You will already have an existing carbon farm plot this time. We'll pay the start-up costs for any new CDR plots you add if you decide to expand production. This way, you will continually expand, grow your business and profits, and remove more and more carbon each season.


Eligible Farms

KelpLeaf 67 x 80 px

All Seaweed Farms in the Philippines are welcome!

Membership is Free Forever.  We just need to start with your email address.  No Cost.  No Risk.  No Obligation.

In time, we anticipate partnering with most, if not all, the Seaweed Farms in the country.  (The world needs you!).

Everyone can join.  As a member, you'll receive information and advice on how to improve your farm operations.  You can also connect with other members to share ideas and best practices.

Throughout each season, we will be selecting members to receive support from First Gigaton to start growing their Seaweed-CDR crops.

First Gigaton will select our first partners based on:

1.  Closeness of your seaweed farm to sea depths greater than 1000 meters so we can keep the cost of transport to a minimum.

2.  The level of your experience.  (At first, we need to learn from the best!)

Please join the Collective now, no matter how you feel about the above criteria.  We want to get to know you and appreciate everyone's initiative.  We also need to expand quickly, so now is the time to secure your spot.


What's the difference between a Seacat Member and a Seacat Partner?

All Philippine Seaweed Farms and Seaweed Farmers Associations are encouraged to become Seacat Members.

As a member, you will connect with other members to share information, best practices and resources to constantly improve your own seaweed operations.

Seacat Partners are Seacat Members that have already been selected by First Gigaton to receive funding for their first Seaweed-CDR Farm Plot.

Our goal is to make every Seacat Member a Seacat Partner as soon as possible.  The world needs us!


Seacat Seaweed Farmers Carbon Collective

KelpLeaf 67 x 80 px

Seacat Seaweed Farmers Carbon Collective ( is the growers/supply side of the world's first Seaweed-Powered Carbon Dioxide Removal (Seaweed-CDR) Market. 

Seacat brings together seaweed farms from across the Philippines (and soon the world) to dedicate growing allotments of their seaweed crops exclusively for Carbon Dioxide Removal (CDR). 

Seacat is the exclusive supplier of CDR Credits to the First Gigaton Carbon Removal Collective.

First Gigaton ( is the buying/demand side of the Market.  First Gigaton crowdfunds the rapid scaling of the CDR capacity of our Seacat Partner Farms by providing companies and citizens with a complete range of unique and sustainable carbon-funding solutions. 


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